Remote Access

Team ITS knows that the world is becoming more reliant on remote work. Users are wanting the ability to work from home, people need to be able to collaborate from across the globe, and there isn’t a business around that doesn’t require travel. We recognize these business needs and can accommodate using technologies such as: −

  • Terminal Servers
  • Secure Remote Access Appliance
  • Virtual Private Network

Terminal Servers

Virtual Terminal servers can save on hardware, software, and setup costs by setting up single a common PC that is shared by all users, often using a cheap and lightweight thin client, reducing the need to duplicate configurations to multiple machines, and saving on maintenance costs. Terminal Servers are simple to set up for remote access and ensure a consistent experience whether in or out of the office.

Secure Remote Access Appliance

Every business wants remote access, but as many businesses are finding out, this convenience comes at the cost of security. We at Team ITS want to offer a robust Remote Access Solution that offers security and convenience at an affordable price. Using our Remote Access Appliance we can configure access using security groups and offer remote features beyond that of traditional remote access technologies.

Mobile Hotspot

Team ITS utilizes mobile hotspots with unlimited data plans to ensure that no matter where you are you can access the information you need. In addition, this the data plan can be set up to act as a backup internet provider in case your regular ISP’s service is unavailable. We strive for full time access so that you can focus on what matters to you.